First Impression Post Week 5

Over the past few years there has been quite an increase in the amount of violence in a video game.  Due to an increase in today’s technology, it helps to advance these games to make them seem more realistic and make you feel like you are actually in the game.  I remember when I was younger I used to watch my older brother play video games and he would sometimes switch the game when I came in the room because he did not want me to see the violence happening in his game.  From when I was younger compared to now, these games have gotten better, graphics- wise, but increasingly more violent.

Even though some video games are a bit violent, I would say that it is extreme to ban them.  I think that the amount of time playing these games that are viewed as violent should be monitored and not be played as often.  I think that it is important for kids to play other games so that they are well rounded and not so used to games where there is always blood, guns, and violence.  I think that banning these games is not the answer because sometimes kids want to play a game more action filled than a racing game or another game they often play.  It is also a way for kids to get their anger out, but it can also show a different, more violent and aggressive side of kids that people may not be used to.  If kids do decide to play a violent game that does not mean that they are violent and bad people.  The game may have an influence on them to act out of violence, but most likely these games will not cause children to act aggressively or violently outside of playing the game.  Overall, video games are becoming increasingly violent, but if they are monitored carefully, then they should not have to be banned.


One thought on “First Impression Post Week 5

  1. Hey Rachel! I agree with your statement that throughout the years, there has been a drastic change in technology which aids in better graphics of video games. Graphics of gore, blood, and the use of weapons has changed dramatically in the past years with new gaming systems and updated video games coming out every year. I also have an older brother that played violent games while I was growing up and he would have to play them in the basement while I would be upstairs so I would not see the violence happening. As we described in class and in the textbook, many children learn by modeling and imitating others actions. Just like the Bobo experiment, if children were exposed to violent video games when they are extremely young, do you think it would change how they act around their friends or be more tough with them? I think that exposing young children to violent games would not be beneficial and I agree with your statements that violent video games should be monitored and be balanced with other video games that are not violent. I also agree that banning video games is extreme. They should be monitored by age and the amount of time playing each game and be swapped out with other games that are not as violent like basketball, soccer, or football video games. Video games are part of our culture and I also think that just because you play violent video games does not make you a violent person. Overall great post!


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