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Hi, my name is Rachel DiDomenicis and I am a chemistry major.  I chose to take this class because this field of study is very interesting to me, and I would like to learn more about how the mind works and why we act as we do.  The background of psychology consists of a class that I took in high school as an elective.  When I hear the word psychology, I think about different parts of the human mind, and how that relates to how we function.  I also think of different emotions people can experience, how people can obtain memories, and lastly I think of psychological disorders that can occur.  One final thing that I think of is Sigmund Freud.  Three topics that look the most interesting to me are how to make and improve memories, stress and how to cope with it, and the brain.  These topics seem the most interesting to me because I feel like all three of these topics can relate to one another.  Also, the topic is about stress is essential to all of us since we are college students experiencing that every day.  I would like to learn more about how people are able to have memories and how the brain does this, which is why I think these three topics are interesting.  The three topics that are the least interesting to me are attachment theory, personality theory, and psychotherapy.  These are less interesting to me because I am not really too familiar with these topics and have never heard of these theories before.  A question about psychology that I have is how do some people remember their dreams at night, while others do not?


One thought on “Introduction Blog

  1. Welcome to the class Rachel. It turns out remembering dreams is a skill you can get better at if you practice. When we talk about sleep, I’ll be sure to include some information about improving memory for dreams. The topics you’re interested in certainly do have a theme running through them, and hopefully some of the other topics in the course will be more interesting to you as you learn more about them. I look forward to seeing you in class.


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